Easy to use and understand

Understand quickly how much time you are using your phone while behind the wheel. The lower your score the safer you become.

Your Driver Score Matters

Our patented score based technology allows us to better understand a driver's habits and assist them to develop skills in order to prioritize communications while behind the wheel, thus, becoming safer, smarter drivers.


Use when you want and how you want We won't just shut off your phone because, emergencies happen

How it works

Thru our Patent Pending I-Drive, the APP reads the data from your GPS and extracts the amount of TIME you are using your phone. We do not look at your contacts, sites you visit or posts on social media.

Your privacy is important to us. And we will keep it that way!

Screen Captures

Easy to understand patented Drivers Score and Trending

Dangers of Distracted Driving

There are over 210 Million Registered Drivers in the US and over 1.9 Billion World-Wide

Since the inception of the cell phone traffic accidents have increased at an alarming rate. Addiction to technology is now a recognized diagnosis from the American Psychological Association.

Teenage and Fleet drivers are at the highest of risk.

Everyday there are 9 people in the US that will not make it home because of this growing issue. The lives lost, the devastation to the family left behind and the monetary impact continues to spiral out of control.

Now available

Fleet Service Offerings

i-Drive has developed a way to help combat this massive problem with a low cost simple, easy to use mobile application and trends analysis program which attacks this issue head-on from the standpoint of addiction. No other mobile application, technology or service organization offers this brand of service.

Taken from the ideas of military intelligence trending analysis and addiction programs such as an Alcoholics Anonymous, we developed this application to provide support to our customers with education and advocacy opportunities.

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