Pros and cons of electric pressure washers


Cleaning your home might be a full-time job in areas prone to dust and weather debris. Even though the garden hose has been serving families for quite some time, pressure washers are the ideal tools of the trade. The pressure washer can offer more cleaning power than a simplistic garden hose.

A gas-powered pressure washer is relatively expensive compared to electric units. This has enabled electric pressure washers to become famous as a cheap alternative. Despite offering less power than gasoline, electric-powered units still offer commendable cleaning power. There isn’t much difference between gas-powered and electric-powered pressure washers to an average person, as most jobs within a household are lightweight. This article will have a deeper insight into the pros and cons of electric pressure washers.


The merits of electric pressure washers

Pressure washers are tools that have been there for quite some time. However, electric-powered pressure washers are a recent addition to the market. Gas-powered pressure washers are known to be very powerful. This makes them suitable for heavy-duty jobs. However, they are relatively expensive to maintain as they use gasoline that a user must refill. In addition, they are pretty noisy. Therefore, electric units favor an average homeowner.

The first merit of electric units is that they are silent units. In a densely populated area, a noisy unit would distract others. The noise advantage allows even during the night to do some cleaning.

Secondly, the electric pressure washer produces no fumes. Gasoline pressure is known to have a lot of fumes that might irritate the user and those around. In addition, the electric units are portable. Transporting an electric unit is much easier than moving a heavy gas-powered engine motor.

Also, the maintenance required by an electric pressure washer is little or none. Therefore, the units are perfect for individuals with little or no skills in pressure washers. The electric pressure washer offers more than the gasoline pressure washer for lightweight tasks around the homestead.


The Demerits of electric pressure washers

It is impossible to have a piece of all-rounded equipment. Especially when it comes to electrically-powered

equipment. The electric pressure washers are no different.

Firstly, the electric pressure washer offers less power than a gasoline-powered washer.

Therefore, it means that you will have less pressure while cleaning. It is also important to note that

the electric pressure washer is less durable than the gasoline pressure washers.

Unlike the gas-pressured units made of heavy-duty metal, the electric pressure washers are light plastics. Thus, it would be best to be more careful when handling them.

Lastly, a gasoline pressure washer can be used anywhere you want. However, an electric pressure washer

requires electricity to function. This means they are constantly attached to a power supply cord, limiting their radial reach. For individuals with a lot of property to cover, choosing a gas-powered pressure washer over an electric-powered one would be better.



Before buying a pressure washer, you have to consider several factors, i.e., your location,

power supply, and work type, among others. Therefore, your decision must be thorough. If you are looking for a homestead companion for cleaning around your backyard, then the electric-powered washer is your answer. However, if you are aiming for larger heavy-duty jobs, then the electric unit would not be able to offer enough power for you.


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