The different food wrapping paper types


Many people use one type of packaging paper to cover all their food. They do this because they don’t know other wrappers to use for different foods. If you are one of such persons and you want to expand your knowledge, are in the right place.

Using food wrapping paper is a decent way of covering and conveying rations through places and keeping them safe. There are a few packaging sheets you should know about, and one of them is the Butcher bag. Also, there is dry waxed paper and a few others that are effective for this purpose.

This article has a list of different sheets for packing meals and it discussed the kind of meal each bag is suitable for. So, if you want to learn about all these, stay on this write-up till the end.

The different food wrapping paper types

Dry wax paper

Dry wax paper is a popular meal packaging material. The maker of this material coats it with substances like paraffin wax and a few others. The substance makes the paper not attract moisture from the food and reduce the tendency of getting the food particle stuck on it. Also, this material doesn’t let moisture get through it and this will save your crunchy meal from getting wet.

Wet wax paper

This material is the direct opposite of dry wax paper. Although it doesn’t let moisture go through it, it is still not dry. Such coverer is good for soft foods with a little moisture in them, like vegetables, sandwiches, and a few others.

Butcher paper

Butcher paper is one major wrapping paper that is available. This material is very popular amongst food sellers and other people who package foods for any reason. With the butcher paper, your mean can retain its moisture for a long period. But, the good news is that you are not risking the meal to sogginess.

Also, hot meals can’t stay hot for a long time in these materials because their breathability is high. Your meal cannot also stay steaming in the wrapper. As much as it is breathable, it doesn’t allow air contaminants to have access to the food. The perfect food to store here is uncooked fish or meat. However, you can save other meals here.

Foil sheet

Another very popular wrap for food is the foil sheet. This wrap doesn’t let air, water, or anything gain access to the food in it if you cover it properly. It also covers the meal from light with the kind of material it got made of. It keeps your edibles warm in the exact texture it is for a long time. Dry foods and snacks are better stored here. Uncooked meals will perish even quicker if you use this sheet for them.


Using one type of food wrapping sheet for all your edibles, whether cooked or uncooked is not advisable. Doing this will only expose your meals to germs, and other contaminants. So, from the various types of sheets, select the one that is perfect for the edibles you want to package. When you do this, you will be sure that your food is safe for a long time.

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